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We curate safe challenging activities

To remind you how capable of growth you truly are. We work together to break through barriers and support you the entire way. Unlearning to relearn , life coaching on site to help you grasp your new found freedom and tools.

We believe in movement and stillness

There is so much power here and truly in the space in between as well. You will enjoy many styles of yoga, energetic healing, journeying inward, adventures, and somatic movemement

We ensure comfort and excellance

You are traveling and deserve the best, we only choose affordable luxury. Experience the finest freshest foods to nourish you, feel heart led service, and recharge in the most beautiful assortment of accomodations

You are Home with Us

Tribe for life, no matter where we return back to. Another lineage of family will found and deep connections with like minded souls who believe in prioritizing their wellness and strive for balance.

Thrive Tribe is more than a retreat; it's a call to enhance your life with awareness, balance, and purpose. Whether you're at a crossroads, seeking deeper fulfillment, or yearning for rejuvenation, our journey is designed to reignite your inner spark.

We Create the Safe Container . You Get All the Restoration .

When was the last time you truly disconnected to reconnect and were completely supported in the process ?

Not all retreat leaders/yoga teachers you can connect with, I have struggled finding one I like on and off the mat. Crystal and Leoni are genuinely good people and you can feel it how they interact with you one on one and in a group. The atmosphere is of intention and presence led with compassion. love how liberated and energized I feel when I am with them and how open we all can be. I have had so much growth in my practice and awareness of myself. Always learning more each time together:)

Taylor F — March 2023

Taking time off from my hectic life seemed impossible. But the Rise and Thrive Luxury Wellness Retreat wasn't just a break—it was a transformation. From the sheek private charter, to the heartwarming welcome, group activities, sunset beach party, every detail felt like it was crafted for me. I returned not just rejuvenated but equipped with new tools to handle my professional pressures. Already marking my calendar for the next one!

Steven P — April 2023

Setting intentions at the start of each class truly sets the tone for the entire session. I've found a renewed sense of purpose in my practice and a heightened level of mindfulness that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Crystal's hands-on adjustments were incredible, helping me connect deeper with each pose. Every session feels like a mini-retreat with something new sprinkled in .

Natalie M — June. 2023

We invite you to invest in yourself

Truth is timing is never perfect, and life's demands are always pulling at you. You can choose to remain where you are, pulled and confined, OR evolve into having a greater capacity to live with the power of your choices. We can either keep ourselves small or give ourselves the permission to live.


Remain or Evolve

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